US trip 2010

Just got back from my 3th roadtrip in the US. This time I visited some nice places like, Phoenix, Joshua Tree, Pomona, San Diego, Apache trail, Orange County, Huntington Beach, Tucson.... and much more. Had the chance to meet great people @ some local cruise inn's (DKK,Bob's big boy,DKP,DHK...) car shows (Pomona, Bug-In 35) ,clubs like DKP ,DBK, DKK and many shop visits (Veedubparts,west coast classic restauration,Oldspeed, Bill & Bteve's,So Cal imports...). And not to forget the DKP reunion @ Schleyville and in the host Hotel in the evening. Here's a picture from some off the goodies I brought home with me, more pictures soon online...


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Nice, you allready have a classic poster!!
Damn, can't wait to get mine :)

Gepost door: Leon | 17-05-10

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